Orpingtons and Marans, Boys or girls?


7 Years
Jan 21, 2013
Here are a few of my surprise chickens from California.

1st: BCM at 3 mos old NO Copper feathering anywhere

2nd: Smallest of all, 3 mos old. Still no tail. Black Orp or Olive egger. NO feathering on legs

3rd Black orp (possibly split to chocolate) 3 mos old Super slow to feather in. No feathering on legs. 2 pics

4th Black Orp 3 mos old
Thanks everyone…...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad
Its kinda what i thought but i was so hoping to be wrong!
I hate to go against the grain here, but... I believe your BCM is a girl. I don't breed any of the others so I don't feel I can make an educated guess. Since there is no copper currently showing the likely hood of it being a female is greater, since females only have a necklace. Also, we tend to have females that have combs that grow faster than males. Hope I help and don't hurt!

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