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    I am in the process of getting my coop and run set up. I know I definetly want 2 silkies and I have been contemplating a buff orp. I want to let them have supervised free range from time to time. This may be a stupid question but will they be hard to catch to get back into the coop? Does anyone else here use this method? I live in a urban area and really are not allowed to have chickens. I am friendly with and have told all my neighbors what I am doing and they all seem to be OK with it. Oh and another stupid question...do orps fly?! If yes how high? like I mean will they fly high up in a tree or on my roof,over my 6 ft fence? thank you all in advance!
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    Jan 30, 2007
    I have orps and mine don't fly out at all....To get them to come back to you have treats around for them...bread is good to use, canned corn...if you let them free range in the late eveings they will want to go back to the coop to roost so shouldn't be much of a problem in the evenings...

    Just have something they like to nibble on and they should follow you right back without problems...
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    Free range them close to dark, and they will go back in their coop on their own. Orpingtons are heavy chickens, but I imagine that they could get over a 6 foot fence if the wanted to.
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    my BOs don't fly over anything higher than a puddle! [​IMG]
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Both my silkies spent the first few weeks that I had them trying to get back into their run each time I let them out...they are quite nervous little birds by nature anyway and although they calm down eventually and stay out a bit longer...they always run back for the security and safety of their run easily.

    Tomatoes instantly shut them up when they 'go off on one'....they love them, and by the time they are done they have forgotten what they were making a racket about in the first place.
    Feed live mealworms as a treat, if you have trouble getting them in (unlikely) shake the box and watch them charge to get some.Live crickets are a massive hit also.
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    cool thanks guys! good pointers! I have been writting everything down and keeping a journal! lol...this site is awesome! I cant turn to anyone around here because everyone has their noses too far up their asses to even CONSIDER having anything other than a dog or cat. I cant wait to move!
  7. Iansmommy

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    Apr 2, 2008
    Our 11.5 week old buff orps fly. [​IMG] I think the highest I have seen them fly is about 5 feet. They make it from one end of the run to the other and it is 24 feet long.
  8. antiquebuff

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    Feb 27, 2008
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    I can call out to my Silkes and all 7 will come running when its time to go up. I let them free range about an hour each day, more on weekends. They can't see well so I have to stay with them. They are very easy and love to get out and are ready to go back in. I just love the Silkies. I incubated these so I am as attached to them as they are to me. They are 14 weeks old. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! [​IMG]
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    Jan 29, 2008
    Robinson, TX
    I have three Buff Orps and just love them. They come right to me looking for treats. They have only gotten out of our small backyard when my kids have left the gate open. While our RIRs have jumped the fence (5 ft) and had to have their wings clipped, the buffs have not. They are too heavy I think. And they almost always lay an egg a day for me.
  10. taratrip

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    [​IMG] thanks guys for your input! now i just hope i can get my hands on some bo pullets!

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