Orthopedics for Poultry

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    Hello everyone, Madcap here.

    In my New Years Hatch there was a late baby that didn't hatch until day 25 and had a twisted leg. I searched the web trying to find directions for 'splints' recommended by many here for splay/spraddle leg. 2 days ago I hatched 2 black silkies after multiple temp spikes, humidity problems and other incubator disasters. I remembered my search had also shown 'chick shoes', a 'chick chair' and a roll to keep a chick upright. I used 2 of these methods. I thought a thread with helpful links might save time. Please join and share your own favorites.
    Here are my chick shoes, and the Donut holding the chick.

    Chick shoes [​IMG]

    Resting Upright in 'Donut' [​IMG]

    Here are the links I found most helpful: This is my favorite page, but I checked every link at the bottom, too, when looking for how to care for spraddle/splay leg.


    Also see: [http://www.guineafowl.com/fritsfarm/guineas/problems/[/URL] I used the rehab box [picture at bottom] and will probably use w/these chicks.

    This one has a pipe-cleaner hobble & 'kick stand' to help stabilize a chick that falls over: [http://www.thecozynest.com/pictures.htm][/url]


    ETA: This might make a nice sticky. I have been devastated and in a panic when I needed guidance.
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    Thanks for the useful info. I've had a couple of chicks with these kinds of issues and these links are helpful!

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