Our auction score today


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
we went to a poultry sale/auction this morning, just got back about an hour ago

we got 12 Hampshire RIR hatching eggs, for like 2$ that have now joined my muscovy,mallard and blue swed eggs in the bator, and 12 eating eggs, why we needed those I dunno, we've got our own eggs.

we also got 6 1 day old cuckoo maran chicks. 5 of them have poopy butt, I'm gonna try to fix thier butts tomorrow morning.

we also got a black flemish giant rabbit, that my fiance is gonna breed, and two guinea pigs,

and I got two button quail, they're a blue color and are supposed to be a pair, atleast one is a female if males are supposed to have pink/orange vent feathers, I need to look at the other.

pics to come tomorrow!!!
I came home with aprox 700' of welded wire fencing and one LaMancha bottle buckling

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