Our birds started laying!

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    Mar 19, 2015
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    Exciting news for us! We have a flock of 21 birds. 6 BR, 5 W-Leghorn, 4 EE, 3 Turken, 3 Welsummer. They are all 18 weeks today except for the Leghorns who are 19 weeks. Last week 3 of our leghorns started laying (the week they turned 18 weeks), and yesterday 1 of our barred rocks started laying (1 day before 18 week bday). The leghorns are right on time. The BR is a bit early for the breed but we are NOT complaining :) The remaining 5 BR's still have some time as their combs and waddles are not as developed as our current layer. According to my breed research, the Leghorns are typically 1st because they mature faster. Our EE should be next as most say around 20-22 weeks for them. The Welsummers will be last as most people say they lay close or after 30 weeks. Just passing along some information if anyone needs it :)
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