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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bossynbella, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Hello everyone wanted to introduce myself My name is Melissa we have had chickens for only a year and half now. We started out with five for my birthday over last winter we lost 2 of them. Then a friend gave us a bunch of bantys and silkys they are older hens but still alot of fun. This spring we bought some chicks for his dad for fathersday and got ourselves 5 plus one free one they shipped. As well as 5 roosters we gave three away and still have two. They are almost 8wks old. Most of our 9 silkys are broody and I was saving eggs to put under one. I had put 5 under her to encourage her to set and was planning on throwing them once i had enough but it took longer then I had planned and when we candled the eggs a week ago they looked like they where fertile. Sure enough yesterday after work I peeked in our Broody pen and saw a little red chick looking at me. Four of the Five eggs have hatched. We put the last egg under one of our other silkys that is setting since she started gettting off the nest with the baby chicks.
    Can anyone tell me would it be okay to put her and the babys into the larger pen with our 8wk old chicks? How long should I wait? I don't want to put the 8wk olds out yet but the cage the new ones are in is outside. Will there mom keep them warm enough??? I should have thought this through before hatching them I guess.

    Any opinions would be great
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    Congrats! Welcome to the forum![​IMG]
    I wouldn't introduce just yet.
    You might want to wait a little.
    I just don't know how long.
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