Our coop and run.


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Aug 14, 2013
My idea was to repurpose my son's old play set for our coop. When we started working on it we found that too much of the wood was rotten so while it still has the basic design it doesn't look quite the way I envisioned. Still I am very happy with the way it turned out and our girls seem to like it. Sorry to say,but I don't have pictures of the process on this device so I can't post them...may be able to later. But here are some pictures of the finished coop and run.




Here is a picture of the ramp they use to get into the coop. Since they can fly I don't know why we need a ramp, but there it is. We used the "rock wall" off the play set and just removed the "rocks".


I don't have a picture of the outside of our egg box on this device, but we have it built onto the back side of the coop. It has a drop down front for easy access and cleaning. We used shallow plastic kitty liter boxes for the boxes. Our thought was that they would be easy to pull completely out when they needed to be cleaned. The following is a picture of the boxes from taken from the inside of the coop.


Again....no picture of our roosts but we used the monkey bars from the play set. We cut them in half and put them across the coop at varying heights. Each roost is about 4 feet long. Giving the girls plenty of room for roosting. We only have 6 right now, but will be adding a roo in the next couple of weeks. While our run is plenty big the inside of our coop has only about 4 feet by 5 feet of floor space. So I know I can't have too many chickens. With that said I see an expansion in the future. Just waiting for the right time to spring it on my husband. ;)

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I was soooo happy when we finally got the run built on cause without it the coop part definitely had the look of an outhouse.

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