Our coop.


Apr 25, 2015
I love our little coop! There are a few things still to do, like water proof the nest boxes and put some wire netting under the coop to ward off foxes. So happy with it. I love the doors, it is super fast to clean out, love it! It's just not sound proof so I have to lock spike our rooster in a box in the shed every night. We can have roosters in town as long as no one complains. So I figure if he's not waking anybody up, he's just as noisy as our neighbours dogs! Plus I get to cuddle him every night and morning.


The wood was our old basket weave fence, I'm very happy with how it turned out too. I was going to paint it, but I think it looks good as is. In the pots are daffodil bulbs, so when they pop up I think it will look very country.
The fences for the run where also reclaimed scrap metal mostly. Just the chicken wire was new.

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