Our DIY Chicken Coop


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May 15, 2012
still a work in progress, just trying to see what works the best. The hen box is on the ground. Bad idea, next project is to get it up off the ground.left to right - Baldy, Henrietta & Cleo
Have you got a more sheltered area in there for when it really rains and gets windy? Apart from that it looks nice. Lovely chickens!
Thank you, I have been pondering about an enclosed coop/room never having raised chikns this is what my husband set up. Low & behold we have had some rain (lots) lately & I finally said we should get the nests up off the ground! So long story short :) that is our next project, hopefully within the next 2 weeks. Ive been researching nest boxes & trying to decide on the right type. Ive even seen one made out of a rubbermaid tote! I think thats a llittle far fetched but Hubby & I will come up with something for the girls. He does the building & I do the feeding/caring! Talk about doing stuff backwards...
You know if its cheap you want and would work to keep the rain and wind off the chickens buy some cheap tarps and some zip ties and tie it at the top roll it down during bad weather and anchor the bottom then roll it back up in good weather it also works for shade if needed.

I have done this and it works great.

Just a Idea.
You could also just put an old dog house in the enclosed area. That's what I started with and then I got time to fancy it up a bit, mainly for my grandchildren though. Got my dog house from C.L. for 40 bucks and did a remodel.
I have seen people use 5 gallon buckets with a cutout in the lid or milk crates for nesting boxes. You could just hang them on the chain link pretty easily with some S hooks, I think. The hens don't care. If they feel cozy and protected, they'll lay an egg in them. Of course you probably need like 5 boxes just for all of them to decide they all want to lay in the same 1 box!

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