our dog got killed this morning....my fault

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May 24, 2009
Our cur dog, which has been the best and most promising tree dog we have ever had got hit by a vehicle this morning. My boys are going to cry when they come home and Suzy's not here. I feel so bad, I have cried and cried. I let her out when I went to check for eggs and she went to the road and my neighbor calls and says she is laying in the road, my husband had to go get her. I was in the house trying to comfort my 4 yr. old. So sad. So if anyone in our area of Tn. has a good cur for sale we are looking. Let us know, although it could never replace Suzy, she was just a great dog. Very good with the kids and liked to swing with you. I just really feel awful because it was my fault.
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Oh Buffy, my heart is breaking right along with you.
I am so incredibly sorry. A good dog is so hard to find. The first dog I ever owed died of old age several yrs back and I miss her dearly. Give your kiddos an extra hug from me!
I'm so sorry for your loss. You must forgive yourself, you didn't know this would happen, you were just going about your typical business. Bury her under a favorite tree or bush so she can nourish its growth and in that way, continue to live on.
for your kids too.
I'm sorry to hear you lost your dog. I remember the first dog I lost as a child, it was sad, but I think it was harder on my parents than myself.
I know how you feel, I rescued a blue heeler mix 13yrs ago.
Sadie was a great dog, made it through all my boyfriends with me, a shoulder to cry on, all my moves, more like adventures....
Finally I married and for 10yrs she lived in the house, with cateracts, deaf, and many trips to vet, for she would piddle on the floor from time to time. So I bought her a special bed that was off the floor and put pads under it so she would not lay in her own urine.

One day last summer I went to get chicken feed, and I pulled into the yard and she came running out to greet me with what sight she had...She was still playful at heart bouncing and jumping around.

After putting my feed up I got back in my truck and started it and every carefully started to back (all of the chickens, geese, ducks) are all free range so I back slow.....but it didn't matter for some odd reason Sadie was laying under my truck....

I will never forget the feeling of running over her, thinking to myself "SADIE" and running out of the vehicle and seeing that it killed her instantly. I dug that hole bawling the whole time. And for several days after....I miss her so much.....she was a great DOG!

I have landscaped it burial plot so not to forget her. It looks good in the spring, maybe you could do something like that for your kids so they could still visit her. Just a thought!!

thank you all, I think my boys did better with the news than I did. They cried, but they tried not to let it show too much. Thanks again everybody.

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