Our duck died :(


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Dec 21, 2015
Hi everyone,
It is with deep sorrow I must share that our dear Swedish blue, Nibble, has passed on. We came home monday evening to find him standing by his fence, not moving, with his skin eaten up all over his body, underneath his wings, etc. He was a bloody mess. He was left to die by something that got to him during the day today before we got home. He was being eaten by flies and bugs since his skin and meat was exposed, and had we been able to take him to a vet to be seen, bandaged, and possibly attempted to save, infection was inevitable and he would have ended up suffering longer and dying later, so we did what we felt was best and put him down ourselves, as heartbreaking as this was for all of us. We have 3 female ducklings we had ordered weeks ago on the way, as they were supposed to be buddies for him when they got bigger, and while those ducklings will never ever replace our Nibble and the love our family had for him, we can find comfort that we have more fun ducks on the way to raise and play with. Nibble is in his final resting place on the hill up behind our home, and is hopefully waddling free with other ducky friends in Heaven. :'( :'( :'( :'(

This situation has been so hard for us. We arrived home from New York last night to find our dog Oreo somehow got unclipped from his outside leash and was running free, there were 2 or 3 broken blue light bulbs on our back lawn, crushed budweiser beer cans, the bottom of Nibble's food dish was outside his fence with no chew or bite marks anywhere on it, and of course Nibble was chewed up and left to die. We had someone watching our home overnight but she left at 6 Sunday morning and saw Nibble alive and well. It doesn't make sense that any animal that would leave him to die and chew him up would be out during the day, and the mess doesn't make sense either. The only other thing that makes sense is that the person watching our home did not see him alive and well that morning and is just afraid to tell us, as she said she couldn't find the lock to lock his door to his coop the night before but said it shut tight. Perhaps something got in during the night and got at him and she didn't see him like that the next morning or she did but thought we'd be upset with her if she told us. We will never know I guess. I feel so terribly guilty and there's a big hole in our family now. :(

Here are the two final photos I got of him, and these don't do him justice of the bruises he had. So terrible!



You have my sincere sympathy. That must of been a truly awful scene and terrible decision to have to make. (((HUGS))) to your family.

Was the girl watching your place young? Did she have a party?
The dog could not have done it. He was more afraid of the duck and didn't have any dried blood on him or anything, and would have destroyed more stuff. We don't have these beer cans other these color light bulbs anywhere on or near our property either.

The girl was in her 30's and stayed at our home with her 3 month old baby. I've known her for several years.

It was the worse decision ever to have to make. I just wanted to hold him and cry and save him, but there was no saving him. :(
Never rule out the dog.

Last week I would have sworn my sweet 6 yr old pup - who comes into the duck run with me when I feed or clean them, and who has never paid them any attention - surprised me when one of our ducks got spooked by a loud noise and started running in a circle, quacking, arms flapping. My dog got spooked by it's behavior and chased after it, raising her paws as if to pin it down. I yelled and the dog stopped before reaching the duck, but that's the last time I'll ever let my dog near the pen.

I have no idea what got to your poor duck baby, but most other predators would have killed it outright, where your dog may have pawed and scratched it and tossed it around. He also could have got into someones trash while out and about and dragged stuff home.

Not to say a raccoon couldn't have done similar, but if we take your sitter at her word, the simplest explanation is usually the truth. Daytime, dog loose...

So sorry for what you came home to.
We had ordered 3 baby ducklings (female) before he died, and they arrived yesterday. Kind of bittersweet :(

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