Our duckling is home with us!


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Dec 21, 2015
We brought out duckling home with us today! He was the "runt" of his "litter," the only miracle survivor out of 8 fertilized eggs. He's about 2 weeks old now, and came home in a cardboard box this morning, until we got his actual "home" set up. I've added some photos to share below. He's so cute and our kiddos are in love with him! We aren't sure if he is actually a he yet, but we have been calling him that until we know for sure. :) He seems very happy and content here, and come April, he will be outside and joined by some buddies when we are able to get a few more babies to join our flock. :)



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Jan 3, 2010
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Precious! I would like to make a couple of suggestions to enhance his environment.

An unbreakable mirror for "company," and an old sheet or towel over the wires on the bottom of the cage. Ducks' feet may be one of their most sensitive, easily injured parts. So walking on wire (If I see that picture correctly) could be a strain and an injury risk.

You may already have done these, I realize.

There is a Sticky on the Duck Forum for Raising Ducklings - if you haven't yet, take a look - it has good ideas.

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