Our first egg!

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  1. At 22 weeks, our EE Penny laid her first egg this morning! She's been making those "i'm laying an egg" sounds for about a week in the a.m., but after running out every time and finding nothing but an eager escapee, i was expecting that again this morning. But here is what i found:


    It was broken, as she apparently just let it fall while she sat on per perch. i cracked (or rather, peeled) it open, and it looks just fine. Can't wait to eat it, but have to show my husband first.


    i was hoping for advice. First, the egg shell was not hard at all, it was almost like a thick paper. Is this normal for a first egg, or should i be supplementing with something to help harden them?

    Second, i'm wondering if the set-up i have for her is not the best. She sleeps in a converted rabbit hutch which is open on one end where the perch is, then closed on the other. i have straw in that enclosed part and figured she would go in there to lay, not just stay on the perch and let it drop. We bought a nesting box but haven't put it up on the wall of the coop yet as i'm not totally done securing it from predators. i'm going to post pictures. The lighting was terrible this morning, so it's a little hard to see. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Here is a wide view of our confabulated set-up:

    Here is a picture of the hutch where Penny and her friend Grace sleep:

    and here is a close-up, you can see the enclosed part at the end.


    Thanks for any advice!
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