Our first MULTI egg day.


10 Years
May 28, 2010
Carson, Iowa
Our girls (four 24 week old BR's) gave us our first egg last Sunday. Up to yesterday I collected a total of 5 eggs from them. Today we got 2 eggs, and one of the girls was setting in the nest box when I went to let them out to free range, so one more may be on the way. It will be nice to get them all up to speed. I think 3 are laying, as that is how many are squatting. The 4th still runs when I try to check her. Next up is our two 18 week old Lavender Orps. They don't look like they are anywhere close, but that is OK.
It took my girls 5 single egg days to make me a second egg in a day, also!
Pretty exciting, that!!!


Brightest Blessings
Is it weird that I feel like I accomplished something every time I find an egg? I mean, it's not like I laid the egg or anything, but I want to hold it up and yell to the world, "LOOK WHAT I DID!!"

I probably need to get out more.

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