Our first muscovies!!


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Apr 15, 2014
Hello all :)

We were gifted with a drake and 2 hens two Sundays ago. We love them, they are very quiet compared to our pekins!! We put them in our sheep shelter temporarily until we get a duck house built. The one hen has made a nest in the hay!! We are so excited! I have been browsing the forum and understand that it is normal for her to sit at night and not during the day. I noticed her doing this last week, but now she has stopped? She still buries all the eggs under the hay during the day, and the other hen is laying there too....I see them being mated sometimes. Could that be preventing her from going broody? Should I separate the drake? I would like to mark the eggs because I saw to do that in another post, but I do not want to disturb her either so she won't set. What should I do? how much disturbance will they tolerate? I try not to hang around too much, but we do pick up their fencing and put it back every day. (We need to borrow it to move the sheep) so maybe there's too much activity around? Their pen is 8 foot long by 4 feet wide. It has a metal roof and 2 wooden sides and 2 chicken wire sides . Any advice would be appreciated! This is our first time trying to hatch babies.
Thank you!
The sheep are in another area altogether. Sorry I forgot to mention that! lol
Sweet! And welcome to the Duck Forum!

Many members here have muscovies (I have runners and buffs), I hope they check in soon.

Drakes can interfere with setting, but sometimes I have read that Muscovy ducks collect a bunch of eggs before settling onto the nest.
Thank you :) I always thought runner ducks were neat! They're on our want list for someday!

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