Our First try at hatching out ducks

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  1. September is birthday month for many in our home. This year I thought it would be neat to buy my son one of the R-com incubators with a candler thingy. You just press a few buttons and fill the tab thingy with water and it does the rest. Does anyone else have one of these spaceship looking things? It only holds three 3 eggs very small but very neat. Went to fill up the water thingy and the plug was missing. What a mess! Rigged it with a stop and off we went. We are on day 26 now. It makes a beep and then turns the eggs. It is in my bedroom because my son was afraid his sisters would mess with it. That thing goes off all night long.... cute at first but now it is kind of funny, I am wondering closer to hatch time if it will have become down right bothersome.

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    Heee he heee! Cute! I have seen one of those space ship thingies, but never had the experience of one. I like the beep, you watch and your son wont sleep well because the beep is missing! ha ha. I can't wait for you to share photos with us!

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