5 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
I've begun to notice that our hens and pullets have been attacking our 2 cockerels. They've been getting feathers ripped out. Little man doesn't even bother them and just follows his "mother" around for the most part while his flock brother Spotted Elk stays away from everyone completely.

What should I do?
Should I just leave them alone since no blood is being drawn?
Do I separate both cockerels from the girls?

I feel really bad for these two because they don't even bother the girls at all. Only time they bother them, is when I feed them or throw out treats to them.
It's normal flock behavior. Adult hens educate cockerels and teach them proper manners. As long as blood is not being drawn, there is no reason to interfere with the pecking order.
Separating birds tends to cause more problems than it solves. He could be limping from something else. Letting them work it out is best as long as the lower bird can get away from the other birds. Do set up hide outs, roosts, and multiple feed stations, placed so as a bird eating at one station cannot be seen by a bird at another.

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