Our lastest attempt to protect the feathers.

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    May 12, 2010
    We bought an Australian Shepherd with the intention of training it to guard the chicken coop at night. She is Beautiful!! We have her out front under the carport, which she wont leave unless i am with her:) I have been taking her down to the 4 acre backyard in the a.m. to let them out and 3 times in the afternoon and at night to shut the pen. Each time we walk the perimeter of the yard and i dont talk except to tell her "Are the chickens okay?" I want her to able to gaurd them and do rounds when i say that. I hope that she will be a fast learner. For now she doesnt seem interested in chasing them or even paying attention to them. Now the geese hate her, they chase and hiss, but she just scoots closer to me as we walk and ignores them. If anyone has trained a dog to guard a flock of feathers, I would love to get some tips! Thanks Guys!

  2. It sounds to me like your doing everything right good call on the command are the chickens ok but you need to teach her what the chickens are so if they get away she will chase them back or come and get you to go get it.

    Keep up the good work [​IMG]

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