Our latest Foster pup


10 Years
Jul 13, 2009
Southern VA
Introducing Peanut Butter our newest foster from the pound!
She was brought in as a stray, she has missing toes on her back foot, scars on her back legs, and face. She has not been treated very well in the past.

Quick or sudden movements really startle her, even petting her when she is asleep is a major cause of upset for her.

She has really taken to my DH and that is odd as most the animals are mine! He has decided that she is not going back to the pound, so we are foster "failures" lol

She is a tiny lil thing! They had her at the pound for 3 weeks before they would even let her go to foster as she was SOOOO skinny, they had her graded as a 2 on the 1-5 scale (5 is perfect, with 1 as emaciated)

good for you. I hope your husdand does not give in and keeps her, she has deen through enough, she deserves you both. Thank God for people like you two.
He had me fill out the adoption application last night (we have to fill that out as a legal paper, even though we already have her)

I am waiting until pay day to go do the actual adoption! lol

She gets along great with our other Chihuahua we adopted from the same place!

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Sounds like that pup has found a forever home... and with a built-in pal, too. A dog can't get much luckier than that, and it sounds like it's about time she had some good luck. Bless you for caring!

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