Our little 2 acres!


Jul 18, 2016
Pittsford, VT
Hello everyone! My family and I are relatively new to chickens. We started last year with 6 Brahma chicks. Five turned out to be hens and we ended up with one HUGE rooster (The King himself Fancy Flufferbottom)! This spring we lost 3 hens to a fox and my husband bought 4 new chicks. He picked up another 5 chicks from the overflow (9 Wyandottes). My daughter then got 6 Rhode Island Reds for her birthday! In addition to our new 15 chicks, we added 3 ducklings to the flock.
Welcome to byc. It's a great website.

It sounds like you have chicken math going on there. You lose 3 then buy 5 then you get another 6 and wonder how you ended up with so many.
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

So glad you could join our community!

I hope your feathered flock continues to bring you great joy.

Welcome to our roost! :)
"This spring we lost 3 hens to a fox".........​
Is your coop/run now secure?
Best wishes!

They were free ranging at the time. We have moved since then and built a bigger fence.
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