Our New Babies!


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May 17, 2009
Well I took the plunge! Now my DH will just have to get the coop and run built, won't he!?? I figured I am off work for now, and have the time to spend playing Chicka-momma so I picked up these little beauties in our feed store. Great selection of IDEAL chicks. All very healthy and active.

I have 8 total which seems a good number, 2 RIR, 2 Buff Orps, 2 Amerucana, 1 Black Sex link and 1 Barred rock. As you can see I named them after some ladies I am a huge fan of... the ladies of LOST. Let's hope they do not run into polar bears and smoke monsters out here in Crest.

Both of the 'Amerucana' are dark brown, one chocolately color with ear tufts and green legs and the other more sable brown with still very little (if any) wing feathers and NO tail. Is that a sign of one being an Arucana instead? She is grizzled and looks like a little owl, very different face and seems a bit younger, but she was the only one in the brooder who looked so young. The feed store insisted they were sold as Amerucana. Does IDEAL sell Arucanas or are they just variants in color.

It is great watching them play and sleep, and they seem to be adjusting to the very large Rubbermaid brooder. They already have distinct personalities.

They were about a week old when I got them , but I have had no trouble getting them tamed, just spending an hour or two with them and bringing them new food seems plenty, they all run to my hand when I put it into the brooder... Aww so sweet!

Here are a few pictures... You should be able to read who is who!





I am sure to be reading these posts as I still have so much to learn, but having a great time doing so...

your pics are about like mine, lol lots of back-of-the -head pics

just playing

oh! I wanna do it!

cute little chickies!, it almost makes me wanna poke them in there little eyes!

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