Our new quail run

Ida Brown

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May 10, 2016
South Yorkshire, England

We've installed a new (to us) quail pen (currently housing 8 quail). What can't be seen under the pitched roof is that there is netting stretched across with some 'give' to hopefully help protect any boinking and the cover can be pulled over to protect against rain (and there's a further cover that can be dropped down to protect the sides. Planning to add a few more branches (they do have some additional cover inside the run), plus seed trays of greens on the brieze (sp?) blocks that can be swapped out when needed. There is an internal divide that can be shut if needed.

They particularly enjoy sunbathing in the far right corner and noseying at the chickens (who will sometimes amble over to them). They're also conveniently close to the raised veg beds, which means I can toss in the odd bit of weeding every now and then.
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That looks really nice! A good idea with the boink netting and it can become very convenient to be able to divide it in 2. Looks sturdy and well-built and they are certainly getting enough fresh air ^^ Might be a little hard to collect eggs, but that's about the only downside I can see :)
It's lovely!

Wondering what type of cover will need to be used when the weather gets truly awful. Haven't been to your corner of the world (yet!) but doesn't winter get really really brutal?
Thank you, both.

Although in Yorkshire, we don't seem to get the worst of the snow in this country (that's reserved for higher ground) and it's not really what I consider 'bad' snow (I'm half Norwegian - *they* get snow).

The roof has has a plastic cover that can be moved back and forth (it's pulled back in the photo) and can drop down on one side. However, it's not particularly attractive and I want to replace with something a tad more solid, plus I'm planning on some clear plastic/perspex stuff (clear to maximise light) to attach to the sides if I know we're going to be in for some particularly bad weather (leaving space for ventilation)

I need to be able to remove any sides as they're in a south-facing garden and don't want to cook them in the summer ;) , but think in the depths of winter some additional cover will be appreciated. OH has suggested a light for them, so I'll leave that to him to sort :)

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