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Discussion in 'Online Poultry Show' started by magpiesing, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. magpiesing

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    He's a mixed bird, but we love him. He's very protective of his girls and I hope to have many chicks this spring as he is a very "busy" boy. That's why we named him Abraham, it means father of many, we sure hope so![​IMG]
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    Very handsome boy! [​IMG]
  3. magpiesing

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    Thank you. I'll let him know. He's a stinker though. He doesn't give women much respect. LOL He and my husband have an understanding. When we first got him my husband cornered him in the chicken house after being pinched on the leg a few times. When he caught him he picked him up and held and petted him until he calmed down. Since then Abraham has been very respectful. I just know not to turn my back on him. The lady that owned him before we got him, pulled his tail feathers when he charged her. That's why they are just now growing back. But we still love him, he's cool.
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