Our rooster is too fast for our aging hens---help!

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    Sep 30, 2009
    lebanon NH
    He is absolutely beautiful, muscled, and mighty, a 5 months old Dominique.

    We got him my mistake from the egg lady in Claremont NH.

    He is enamoured of our elderly Rhode Island Red, who can't handle the attention. She survived a fox attack 2 years ago, and we paid (thru the nose) and prayed her back to health.

    We love this handsome rooster, but our prior allegiance is to our survivor hen.

    We hope someone in NH or VT can give Salt a good home--don't eat him!

    Lin in Lebanon, NH
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    Lin - you might want to post this in the auction section - for price just list $0.00.

    Do you have other hens besides your RIR?

    I have a bantam RIR rooster Woodstock who is in LOVE with my red bantam Cochin Ruby. He adores her and she hates him [​IMG] So I keep her away from him and am working on getting him his own little harem of girls - but he does not forget about Ruby. [​IMG]

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