Our White Leghorn is suddenly not laying her eggs where I can find them! Help?

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    Okay, we have one white Leghorn, the other 13 are Golden Comets and Red Sexlinks....they have been laying great....the leghorn the past 3 days has started flying out, she does fly...that is another story....and I can not find ANY of her eggs...she has done a great job of hiding them. :( We are getting ready to clip wings for the simple reason that hunting season starts mid October...I will not be able to let them free range without the fear of a dog getting them...so far, it's been okay....they have a very small area that they are using....but I can not take any chances, with hunting dogs running up here....***and before this starts any debates***, YES, we have hunting beagles, they are 75 foot away in heavy secured pens. The chickens are aware of them........they do not go near them, and I can attest to that. The beagles don't even pay them any mind...but that can change too, I know that.

    Is my leghorn thinking that she can be a Mama to these eggs she has hid? We DO NOT have a rooster, so her chances are NONE, lol......does she want to be a Mama that bad? They have been laying for almost 2 months, are 6 moths old this week...is she taking a break? I am clueless........the only way I know to find her and where she's laying at, is to get up EARLY tommorrow morning and watch her........ ???
  2. I thin your best solution is what you already stated. Clip (heavily) the leghorns wings on one side only. That should keep her in for a few weeks and then you will know for sure if she laying still.

    Wish ya the best.

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