out of brooder and to coop?


5 Years
Jul 28, 2014
Squaw gap ND
I have my brooder inside my chicken coop / old camper.

I have 3 groups of chicks
the first 5 are 3 weeks
the second batch 2 weeks
the third batch will be here Monday from McMurray hatchery. ...

My first batch are flying in and out of the brooder with ease :) they will wonder the whole camper/coop I've already got the roots and nesting boxes built.

The second batch are proably going to be flying in and out with the next couple of days...

I kinda want to have that brooder empty by Monday when I get my new chicks..... if not I will have 27 chicks/adolescent chickens in a 4'x2' brooder :/

Would it be safe by Monday to at least kick out the first 5... they will be 4 weeks old and the Second batch will be 3 weeks and I can see how they get along with the new chicks...

Weather here in ND has been 35-40 at night and 60-70 day... but will keep getting warmer everyday...





^nesting boxes... a long ways out but built them anyways


1st batch vs 2nd batch size comparison

Thanks everyone
i think you can do that.....im new to chickens but i moved my 2 buff orpingtons (4 weeks at the time) and 3 barred rocks (3 weeks at the time) into my coup outside. I made sure however that the temperature outside didn't go below the 40's.... it was around 50 degrees when i moved them and they did absolutely fine. I put extra bedding in the coop so it would be warmer at night. But as long as they have most of their teenage feathers and can get out of the wind you will be fine. (I live in SD)
I put 2 lamps in my coop for nighttime temps. I kept them on for a couple of weeks until it warmed up. Everyone was fine. I did secure them really strongly so my coop wouldn't go up in flames!
Thanks everyone! I put the first batch over yesterday ... I stapled a tarp to build a makeshift wall between the brooder area/nursery and the actual coop ... in the future if I have a hen go Broody I can transfer her over and my camper has two doors and she will have her own run and area sperate from the other chickens.

I put them over for a couple hours ... came back and they were all cuddled up together so put them back over to the brooder for the night


^ put straw down


^ got the 5 gallon nipple waterer built

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