Out of the blue chick deaths.


i dont eat chicken!!!!
9 Years
Nov 2, 2010
Menifee CA
So some of you may have read my other post about me having problems with a few hens. Well today about 12:00 noon i went to check on my broodie. She had 4 1 week old chicks under her. This is her third time raising babies and the first two didn't have a single death. 1 of the 4 chicks was hatched from an egg we got from a breeder here on byc and 3 we bought from someone else who we have bought other chickens from before who breeds a few breeds. Well to continue with the story, the three we bought were dead or dying. One was completely dead under her, The second died in my hands and it was under her breast, the third was under her wing and still alive but very week and not wanting to move. I dipped its beak in water a few times to try to get it to drink but it wouldn't and i did the same with food and it was a no go. When i would hold it, the chick would hold its head up but fall over backwards and lay there like that. When i set it down it wouldn't do it, it passed a few hours later. They have all been fine for the last week, and they were moving and very active yesterday in the brooder "coop" and run. Which is separate from the coop and the other birds dont have access to it. And just out of no were this happened. Does anyone have any insight on what could have happened?

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