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May 29, 2011
Hi chicks and roosters,
We want to introduce ourselves. It's time to make ourselves known --we've been lurking in the shadows, reading and learning, for the last few weeks.:cool This forum is so full of good information for new chicken mothers!

We are in Upstate SC, where it will be a record setting scorcher today!

Our home is a in a rural area with 7.5 acres of woods by a river. We don't farm because we would have to fight our wildlife for it.

We've never kept birds of any kind until we adopted 3 chicks from a K5 hatching project at Easter. My 13 year old dd thought her grandfather would add them to his little free range flock, but he didn't want new chicks or standard chickens to deal with. His flock has been decimated by predators recently anyway. So, after a heartbreaking pout, her dad said we'll adopt one, then three... We adopted one that didn't hatch well (needed help) and we lost it after 3 days. That was mine and I was left with a big hole in my heart that I've been working on filling. That left two. At 2 1/2 weeks we were suspicious that our little Ally might actually be our pal Al! The passing days have only confirmed it. We have a roo of unknown origin ( I'll be looking for someone to play the guessing game as soon as I get the picture thing figured out) and a Black Sex Link pullet who's growing like gangbusters.

The chicks currently live in their second apartment after having moved from their rubbermaid brooder in the bathtub to a chicken run/tractor in the garage that we move out for sunshine during the day. We are in the planning stages for their permanent home. They will not be free range because of the close proximity of our wildlife. Raccoons, possums, great horned owls, red foxes, coyotes, snakes and other such assorted varments are daily visitors. So our goal for the coop and chicken run will be as predator proof as possible.

We are looking for two more pullets to add to our pets, since out of my original three potential egg factories, I only got one! I'd like to get enough eggs for family use and to make this growing project worthwhile!

We're excited to meet y'all!

Donna and Mikaela, new chicken mothers
Welcome from Austin Tx. You will find alot of good info here. I've only had chickens since Dec 2010 and I have learned so much. The fun begins.
Thanks to each of you for sending out the welcome wagon. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

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