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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by rhea, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Dec 30, 2008
    Got 4 day-old chicks in April, when ready moved them to outside tractor and fenced yard inside my garden where my 3 4-year-old ladies spend their days. First surprise, my new beautiful black Americauna, Pandora quickly became Pan when he started crowning at three weeks. At 6 months, they were allowed into the garden. My older ladies spent alot of time in a overgrown patch of lemon balm, after a couple of months they accepted the fact that they were not the 'only' chickens in the entire world and they had a 'boy' in the yard. But after they all adjusted to each other or so it seemed, Pan started attacking Edda, a RIR, the dominant hen in the younger group and up till then his favorite lady and the other hens have followed Pan's behavior. To prevent injury, I keep Edda in the fenced yard inside the garden so they still see and interact with her but cannot do any harm and put her in the house at night after everyone has settled in, then remove her early in the morning. If anyone has any possible explanation for this behavior or a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Other then just letting them duke it out, it sounds like you are doing the best that you can with the situation. Flock dynamics really do have a way of sorting themselves out.

    Or you may want to try putting him in the isolation area & try reintroducing at a later date....

    Maybe someone else has better advise, I really just posted to note your very first post & give you a bump.....
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    Welcome to BYC, Rhea!

    Changes within pecking orders create some complexities. And, chickens can't be reasoned with but certainly can be cruel.

    It may be possible for them to better sort things out without Pan spreading disorder, anxiety and panic. The other pullets may not be able to bully the outcast without his intervention. Think about penning him instead of her (or buying him a bus ticket out of town [​IMG]).

    Are you sure that Edda isn't Echo of the Greek myths? Pan was terribly unkind to her . . .

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    Sometimes a group will peck a hen that turns out to be diseased or otherwise compromised in some way...too weak for the good of the flock. They know that stuff even when we don't.

  5. Chickens can be very mean!! I would remove the roo for a while and see if the ladies leave her alone without him around. If so, let them get all bonded and then put him back with them.

    I would wait a couple of weeks, personally. I think it takes them a loooong time to forget stuff. Another roo might help the situation too.

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