Outdoor rabbit setup. Advice please x

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    Sep 13, 2014
    I currently have 5 rabbits, a 4 year old doe who is pretty antisocial so may need her own pen, a 1 year old buck, an 8 month old doe and her offspring, a buck and doe who were born on the 5th Jan.

    I was hoping for a colony type setup with at least the 2 does though am hoping to introduce the older doe too at a later stage so that it is not her territory. Is this the right way to go about it?

    I have always kept rabbits free range in the garden before the I the hutches at night but my present garden does not permit this as there are dogs next door that are used for hunting and they can and have jumped the fence so not willing to take the chance.

    How big would the run need to be? How about the separate ones for the bucks? I want to give them enough room to run about in and also have them be safe and protected from the UK weather ie rain rain and more rain with a touch of sunshine for good measure lol. It will be a little while before the weather is warm enough to transition my doe with her litter outside again which will give me a max of 9 weeks to separate the buck and doe in her litter and build a run/colony.

    Any ideas and advice are very welcome! X

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