Outside brooder coop.. .


8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
Tehama, Nor Cal (way nor)
I got this for free from a neighbor

The run area was too rotten and what wasn't rotten was too over built to do anything with. Also for my plans I needed it to be all one level so I didn't reuse the above run area.
My plan was to separate it into two compartments and use it as an outside brooder for broody hens or older chicks who were hatched in the incubator.

The new run is built of recycled old growth redwood from a fence I tore down (except for that top middle 2x4, it is newer)

This has very few new parts and was mostly free and recycled, not that that means much other than I'm making my dreams happen on what little I can afford.
Cheers to the rest of you who have more hope than money!! !
That's a very good set up. Wishin I had one just like it.
Cool Beans! Nice re-use!!

What all kind of birds do you have in there? I see a duck ...and maybe bantams and large fowl chickens?

Any concerns about rain entering the split in the roof?
Yes, I still need to weather proof it. Right now we are having really nice weather so I haven't been too concerned about sealing it up. They look like bantams compared to the others because they are younger. The duck is Muscovy and the chicks are oriental gamefowl and gamefowl/layer crosses (for meat).
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