Outside Egg Texture between breeds

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  1. Carpe DiHen

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    I am so fascinated with the different texture of the outside of the eggs between my 5 different breeds of chickens. They don't free range so they all eat the same.

    Lite Brahmas's eggs are very course and chalky feeling and are coarsely speckled.
    Cochin (named Pearl) has very shinny very silky Pearly eggs that are smeared with dark patches. Her yolk are always pale.
    Jersey Giant lays large pointy eggs that are smooth and sometimes are speckled but smoothly speckled.
    Easter Egger's are also smooth and gorgeous dark green, never speckled.
    Golden Laced Polish lays small smooth white eggs and has really dark yolk.

    I knew they would be different colors and sizes, but different texture and varied speckles surprised me. I thought all eggs felt the same on the outside (from chickens).

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    I dont know who lays what with mine..

    but I have a huge variance in "browns"...

    I have one thats just barely tan...two that are dark tan, one that is like a caramel color and one that is a lighter brown with speckles..

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