Outside for the first time today (pic heavy)


11 Years
Feb 29, 2008
South Central PA
My girls are 4 weeks and it finally warmed up enough for them to go out for a few hours. For the first time I put them in my fenced garden area that I just tilled for planting, figured it'd be easier to catch them in a smaller space versus the entire fenced yard; plus this is the first time my dogs have seen them really outside of the brooder cage. All went well, and I think it wore the chicks and my dogs out 'cause they're all sleeping now!
In the garden...waiting for them to come out of the box!

They finally came out, thanks to their favorite treat...cucumber!

The dogs watching them. The chicks look so big in their brooder, but so small out in the great big world

They seemed to have fun, though

Thanks for letting me share!

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