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9 Years
Mar 20, 2010
My parents wont allow for our rabbit Olivia to stay indoors, so they bought a bunny hutch with a wire floor. Is this okay for their feet? I was planning to put some leftover carpet in one corner of the hutch- but im still wondering...
I just got my first rabbit last summer. From what I know, the wire bottom is ok for them as long as the rabbit has somewhere to go to get off the wire if it wants to. My rabbit lives outside with my chickens so I don't have that issue. I hope this helps.
Several options off the top of my head.........depends on your finances and what your parents allow:

Your piece of carpet will work and maybe you can shake it out or sweep it or hose it off when it is dirtyl

Square of cardboard in one corner for them to get off the wire......can be replaced often as gets dirty and/or wet. (boxes can usually be gotten free at Walmart or grocery stores, etc, just ask them)

Carboard box turned on side so that open on one side but has top and bottom. Again replaced often as needed.

Wooden nesting box or house with removeable wooden bottom, so it can be cleaned.

Even a piece of plywood or wide board. You can turn it over when dirty and hose off when needed. It will last awhile before needs replaced.

Rabbits and all animals/birds kept on wire really should have a place to get off the wire and rest their feet/legs.
My rabbits lay on their side when resting, and have no problems with 1/4 X 1/4 wire floor. A piece of plywood will do the trick, but dont be surprised if they dont use it.
I also feed a little hay each day, and it also helps pad the wire until they eat all of it.
For most rabbits with properly furred feet, wire bottom hutches and cages are very appropriate and sanitary. That being said, I do offer all of mine a piece of board or wood to rest on. They like it, plus it helps keep them warmer. Don't give them any kind of chip board or OCB, the glue is bad for them. They will chew a bit on their boards, but generally not so much that you will have to replace it more than once a year. Mine toss theirs around like toys and chew on them and generally just LIKE them.
In my opinion - no. It can cause 'sore hocks' which is where their back feet

get abcesses from being on the wire... If left with no treatment it can cause

serious infections. But thats my opinion.. As long as you give her a place with

solid ground (cardboard, carpet etc) it should be fine. You could also put a

fleece blanket in there for her to get on. Lots of people use fleece for small pet

cages because it doesn't hold liquid and keeps everything above very clean.

Just shake it out and throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty.
Properly constructed wire cages do not cause sore hocks. Most of those issues are genetic or sanitation related from contact with waste on solid floors or surfaces. There's an inexpensive mat made for rabbits that has holes in it for drainage that's made of material easy to keep sanitized, unlike wood. Wood, cardboard, etc., any surface that retains any moisture attracts sanitition issues. Hard, ungiving, or moisture retaining surfaces in the cage are more of a factor in sore hock than wire floors. 14 or 16 guage smooth 1/2" x 1" wire, 1/2" side up, should be fine for most breeds not genetically prone to sore hock.

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