outtings...how long per session?


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
Wheatfield, NY near NiagFalls
We've had some fine weather here and I had the chicks outside yesterday and today. It was around 65 and sunny. They loved it! How long should the outtings last at that temperature or a bit cooler? 30 minutes? More? They are going on two weeks old.
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I'm not overly experienced but I would think that as long as they aren't showing signs of being cold (like huddling) they would be fine for quite awhile.
No one else takes their chicks outside??
We took our chicks out the other day when it was in the 60's and they loved it! They were out for a good couple of hours and were not showing any signs of being cold. They are 3 weeks old. you should be fine taking them out when it's in the 60's. Just watch them and see how they act.
I leave the chicks outside as long as they are not huddling up and look cold. I do give them some kind of windbreak because even when we had nice temperatures, it was awfully windy.
I think as long as they seem to be comfy and you have them protected from the wind you can leave them out as long as you'd like. I started mine when they were 6 days old and the temp was 70 outside. I placed them in the sun, made a shady spot available to them and blocked the wind by taping newspaper around the outside of the baby run I had them in. I made sure and put out food and water for them too. Their very first outing was less than an hour, but after that I have been letting them stay out from early afternoon until the sun is setting and it begins to cool off. Be warned though, they get spoiled to being out and when the weather is not so nice and they can't go out and play they tend to get rowdy in the brooder!

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