Over feeding Red Ranger meat birds


Jul 12, 2016
I purchase 45 Red Ranger meat birds on April 4th. The feeders are kept full of a commercial meat bird mix (21% protein), and they free range all day. I also provide them with one flock block per month and occasional watermelon and tomatoes. Currently, they are going through roughly 20 lbs of meat bird mix per day. They appear healthy, but there is a wide disparity in size. Approximately 3 lbs difference between the largest and smallest roosters. Am I feeding them too much? Also, at what age should I put them in the freezer?

FYI, Red Rangers are a 50/50 cross between RIR and Cornish Cross.
I send mine to the freezer in waves, largest to smallest. It depends on what size carcasses you want, and how convenient processing will be. I do feed Flock Raiser, 20% protein, rather than the meat bird feed. Did you get feeding recommendations from the producer? Holding on to the fastest growing birds may be a problem, if they are 'channeling' the Cornishx birds, who fall apart very young. Mary
Thanks for the information. I did not get recommendations from the producer. We live in a fairly remote area, so options for feed are pretty limited. I've had them on meat bird mix for the past six weeks. All the birds appear to be healthy. No breakdown in their legs or vitality that I can see, however, my primary concern is their lungs, as we live at 7300 ft. elevation.

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