overly dominating cat, will he EVER fit in?

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    So i finally decided to post this, because it hasn't stopped, I moved out of my mom's house finally in april, had been OUT since january, but because my home is family owned on 10 acres, and is about 60 years old, it needed work so I had been staying at my moms.

    anyway, on my property, I currently have 10(counting the kittens below) outdoor cats, as well as my ducks.

    I have the feral queen (who has been mentioned before) and her 5, 6 1/2 week old kittens, I have another young feral tortoiseshell queen that showed up about a week ago, another older altered queen, and 2 tomcats, one of which was already here, and one whom my cousins friend brought to live here, about a month ago.

    up until he came to be here, everything was quiet between Gracie, the older queen and the feral momma, they pretty much left each other alone, even Big blue, the resident tom didn't bother the new girls, and gracie put im in his place right quick, well when my cousins friend brought h=me this new guy, he stayed in the shed for about 3 days, until he finally came out, it was then that i got a look at how BIG this cat was, HUGE longhaired tabby and white, has to weigh atleast 12 pounds, Leopold became his name.

    but ever since about a week after he came to live here, up til, well, now, he will NOT stop being a jerk butt, I feed my cats RAW, twice a day, and every time, here come Leo(after I leave ofcourse) to eat, if any other cat comes for their share before he's done, they don't just get cuffed upside the head as you would expect, they get bowled over, full out attacked!, keep in mind none of the other cats are probably lucky to wiegh more than 7 or 8 pounds being female and none are that big, the tortie female is the smallest besides the kittens, and gracie is going on 8 years old. she barely eats as it is, and the kittens and momma barely get any.

    now we bring in Mr. Blue, Leopold has only messed with Mr. Blue once, and got his fluffy rear strung all over the field (seriously his fur was ALL over), but he is forever eying him like prey, I've no idea how old Mr. Blue is, he is half Leo's size, but all muscle. very tall and long, like a siamese, but grey like a typical grey cat.

    the last few days, Paint, the young tortie has been on Leopold's hit list, he will NOT leave her alone, last night he had her backed up against a corner of the inside of the shed, when she tried to run, he jumped on her, and gave her a good thrashing, she's not in season as far as I know and has no kittens, but he was NOT trying to mount her, he was literally making fur fly.

    this morning he got after her again real bad, chased her onto the roof, and then went up AFTER her and I thought my roof was going to cave. and now she's been limping slightly, so i think she may have jumped off the roof [​IMG] trying to get away.

    this afternoon he advanced on the kittens playin on the porch, but their mother settled that real quick, but I fear for them

    I've had some pretty darned testy tom's before, but none like him, he's a handsome cat, and will pass on good genes, that is, if he doesn't scare the tar out of the girls first.

    my mom has said i should ptobably trap him and rehome- or take him to the shelter, but I feel like he needs a chance, but if he doesn't shape up I may have no choice but to do otherwise.

    anyone else had to deal with this?, growing up on a farm, we've always had outdoor cats, but our handful of toms have been laid back and lazy, with the exception of a kitten killer a few years ago.but Leo is someone else.
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    Tom cats are very territorial and you brought in a combatant for his # one head cat status. I doubt that two tom cats will live in peace. Having the new one there has thrown off the entire balance that group of cats has established. If you were to trap them BOTH and get them neutered (and get the queens spayed), a lot of these battles would stop. Intact animals tend to fight a whole lot more than altered ones do. Did you know that tom cats will often kill the other tom cats offspring? It can be pretty ugly.
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    Quote:X2 Get everyone fixed, that will solve a lot of your problems.
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    I do believe I plan on trapping Leo and getting him neutered next month at the spay/neuter clinic, he got after Paint twice again last night, the first time, Big Blue, AKA Mr. blue also, was nearby and actually, what i call, rescued Paint, I doubt that he actually INTENDED to get Leo off of her, but he did attack him, and as Paint was couched on the ground, Big Blue actually walked up to her, gave her a sniff and licked her on the head, as if to say "it's ok now" it was quite cute, the second time I had to step in, and literally kick Leo off of Paint(mind you I didn't actually KICK him, more like shoved), which resulted in a 10 inch scratch on my leg, and a big gash in Paints back, which she's been caught and taken to the vet for. I have not seen Leo at all today, he did not show up this morning for breakfast, and Paint is resting in the shed with the door closed, she needed 16 stitches.

    I do know that toms will fight, obviously I can understand that, and I knew there would be problems, I told my cousin before her friend brought Leo that there was another resident tom, and I wasn't so sure. but i took him anyway, i figured, if not him, some other young upstart would come to challenge Big Blue eventually. But to flat out attack a female?, I've never had that problem, usually it's the girls bossing the boys around!

    As far as getting the females spayed, I always let a few queens have atleast two litters before spaying(Paint may ne spayed though, at the vet he said she's atleast 8 months old, but the size of a 6 month old kitten so he said it'd be wise to spay her because she may be too small to carry kittens), thats just how we always did things growing up, and we never had more than 12 cats at a time. i do have a HUGE field mouse population here (keep in mind the house sat empty, for oh, 22 years!) my father was the last ti live in it, so I am gonna need quite a few cats, again i don't plan on having more than 12 at a time, 3 of the kittens have homes lined up, so no extra tomcats in the future and one of the two girl kittens will most likely be spayed too, as she's quite small as well.

    I do know that toms will kill other toms offspring, at my mothers several years ago, we had one by the name of Satin, we had NO kittens one year and couldn't figure out why, we'd seen the pregnant cats, then one day the preggo cats would show up not preggo, but the weeks would go by and no kittens, until one day my mom caught Satin in the act, he had just finished off the last of a litter of 3 day olds. he dissapeared that winter, and we never knew what happened to him. after he disapeared the killing stopped.
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    That does seem strange. That he is attacking both the tom and the queens. It sounds like he might have been the only cat in the house growing up. Maybe he just doesn't like any cats.
    Do you have a dog? How is he with the dog or any other pets you have?
    You might have to keep him inside or caged until he is fixed. But that might not calm him down if it isn't breeding related.
    I wonder how it would work if you caged him during meals, but left him in the eating area to watch the others eat. Maybe he has to learn how to be a cat. I would be interested to know if he was the only kitten in his litter.
    Also, you feed raw. Maybe that is what is exciting him and making him crazy. My cats all get along fine as long as I am feeding dry. If I offer a can of tuna they all go bonkers scratching and hissing...[​IMG]
    This is interesting. Please keep us updated.
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    Honestly, I know nothing about him, except that he was living on my cousins friends property where he showed up as a young cat (maybe a year old the friend said) about 3 years prior to him coming here, cousins friend does not know if he was a drop-off or what, because he says that leo was some-what friendly in the beginning and just got wilder and wilder over the next year that he lived there (he is deff. NOT people friendly now,not terrifyed but I've noticed that he likes to keep atleast 20 between me and himself at a time, if I try to come closer, he will get up and walk alittle farther away as well, forever watching me with his captivating green eyes), as far as I know, he was also somewhere in the middle of the the pecking order amongst my cousins friend small group of outdoor cats, niether being picked on, or doing much picking. I also know that he eats like a horse, I feed roughly half a pound of pre-measured meat at a time, of which Leo eats alittle less than half of(he never scarf n barfed as cats will do on new food, so i fuigure he was also used to catching his own meals). so i usually have to put out more when he leaves.

    I do not have a dog, though plan to get a pup in the future, I have ducks , about 20, that free range but they and the cats are usually on opposite sides of the property, but that's it Leo has never bothered the ducks when they are close to the house, but he's not scared of them, even the couple times they've mobbed him with their borage of quacking and chasing him.

    I ALSO suspect that Leo is most likely part ragdoll or maincoon, he is HUGE, from nose to tail, about 3 feet long, wieghing at my best guess 11 or 12 pounds, but so graceful, he doesn't lumber like most larger cats do, but as he walks it's as if he's gliding, compared to Big blue who has a deffinate bounce when he walks, he looks to have an old hip injury.

    I would switch to dry food to see if that helped any but I wouldn't suspect a cat who is used to eating raw meat from kills would act this way, AND my cats will not touch dry, I buy my meat from locals who process their own, and whn I could not find someone I bought a bag of dry food, the cats would not eat for a week before I finally found a local woman who raised and processed her own meat rabbits.

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