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Apr 30, 2013
This thread is probably going to make me sound like a jerk

I moved into my house about a year ago. It's a rental and my landlord has agreed to allow me to plant a large (30' by 12') garden in the back as well as own chickens, quail, build feral cat houses, a compost tumbler etc, flowers in the front... But my landlord isn't the problem.

I have a neighbor who comes from a completely different background. He's 72 (i'm 25) and very friendly. I didn't grow up in the south so people just coming over and knocking on your back door or interrupting a relaxing time on the back deck is a difficult notion for me...but i'm learning.

He will bring my roommate and me leftover barque, veggies from the farmer's market, and lend me a drill if mine dies while i'm working. It's a great situation...sorta. I just sometimes want privacy in my back yard occasionally.

The real issue:
He went out and rented a tiller to till my back garden despite me having done that already with the double-dig method (less carbon, a little more back-bone).And I feel like he's trying to take over my garden plot. He always talks about how the previous tenant (who owned the house) let him plant rows of tomatoes and squash and green beans etc.. I have been gently suggesting that he is more than welcome to plant on the lower 1/4 of the garden but I need the top for my plants. His yard is unacceptable for growing seeing as he has 5 dogs tied out (something I disagree with fervently- and is technically against our laws.) and I don't mind sharing. But I feel like he doesn't see it as MY garden. I'm also very particular about chemicals in my garden and on my veggies.

Like I said he's 72 and has multiple strokes so I'm probably not going to say anything. I feel keeping the peace is more important. I'll roll with the punches this year and then next year either ask the landlord to extend the privacy fence on that side or plant some leyland cyresses that will hopefully block him out a bit and perhaps be better prepared for planting early and cutting him off at the pass.

He's a very nice who's trying to help. My roommate cares less about gardening and "nature" and doesn't understand why i'm so "annoyed". I figured I could rant here, let off some steam, and then realize it's just garden and there's always next year.

Anyone else have "overly helpful neighbors?"
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No you're not a jerk, you are a sensitive and caring person. Although your neighbour is annoying perhaps rather interfering, you have looked at the whole picture and realising his age and health have decided to just get on with the situation. That is very decent of you.

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