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Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
I have someone wanting to purchase some of my Langshan eggs overnight.

Does anyone know how much it costs to ship 1 dozen eggs overnight?

Regular shipping for 1 dozen eggs cost me $14.35 last time for 3 day priority mail.

Any ideas???
Unless you're willing to sell some of those Droid eggs...

I'll have to stick to going the 3-day method. I was preparing to shut down all shipping because of the heat, but if I drop the box off close to closing time, the heat of the day will be lower...so these eggs should be viable. It's just a big bite to bear! LOL

I guess it's the fact I've never done it that way. I just assumed 3 day was the soonest it could get there?
The nice thing about express mail is you are guaranteed a delivery time. You can go to the USPS website and deterimine the delivery time.

Let me check the fertility on the 'Droid chickens parents. I don't know exactly what to do about the 'Droid chickens. They are such characters I can't bear to shut them up. I will say though when the entire flock bears down on you looking for their super scratch they are scary.
If you'd like to send the chicks from it...that'd be welcome too!!!
I'd overnight them puppies!

Really? You can set the time they deliver? So if I say "hey...I want these delivered by 6:00AM." They'll deliver them?
I don't know if the heat is so much a problem as the rough handling. I got advice on heat treating eggs and looked it up online. And it appears that you heat the eggs for 114.8 for 11 to 14 hours. I doubt the eggs get that hot in shipment. A batch of eggs I shipped and it gets hot here in NC, the client reported back that 7 out of 8 were fertile and 6 out of 7 hatched. They were shipped to Texas also a hot climate.

I pack my eggs in the 12X12X8 priority mail box. Wrap the egg twice with 12X3 strips of bubble wrap, then twice with paper. They usually end up being double or triple the size. Eggs are then either suspended in packing peanuts or shredded paper. I have been getting great reports back on the excellent shape they arrive in. And on fertility.

The biggest letdowns I have had on eggs were when I received eggs in the tiny priority box, poorly wrapped. If you are want and she does not mind the extra weight go to a bigger box than the 12X12X8. Express mail is handled quickly and in a hurry so they may get rougher treatment. The eggs are good for couple weeks so a few days to collect and a few days to ship is not as important as the handling.

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