Owls - how to keep away?


Sep 30, 2018
Last night, my dog alerted me that something was up outside. The chickens were making noise and very worked up. So I went and inspected the run, no sign of tampering so I started looking in the trees. There was an owl perched right by the run.
After some research, I know I am not allowed to shoot the owl, so what options are there to keep the owl away? I am not really as concerned for my chickens, their run is secure, but I have 3 dogs under 10 pounds.
We live in a very rural area, with trees all around. Apparently owls are a thing here, I hit one driving a week ago. :/


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Sep 19, 2009
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You look good for protecting your chickens. Great-horned Owls will take chickens, especially small ones if given a chance. I think 10-lb dogs are bigger than an owl will try for and certainly larger than an owl can pack off. Other predators will be bigger issue for your little dogs. Owls come in on me periodically and will do so for several nights in a row unless the catch nothing or my dogs almost catch them. They also do not like being shined routinely by flashlite but that is labor intensive and conflicts with good sleeping.

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Nov 7, 2018
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Owls are one of my biggest predators, but one of my favorite animals. They took out 2 of my 12lb roosters in one evening and more ducks than I have fingers, even when I have plenty of hiding places owls cant get in.
I will go out myself and chase them off, just follow them shining a spotlight on them and they'll leave the property without much trouble. Do it often and they'll move somewhere else. Owls will kill rodents and small coons, opossum, and skunks, so I try not to chase them off too often.. I wont say your dogs are safe, because a hungry owl will attack just about anything when it's desperate. A neighbor lost her huge swan to a massive Great Horned Owl several years ago.


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In my experience once GHO find a food source they will not leave until the source is depleted. Penning and cooping fowl is a surefire cure for stopping losses. I once left the bobs on a pigeon loft unsecured and a GHO got in and killed several birds. The next night he was back on the landing platform trying to get back in the loft. Brazen indeed.

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