9 Years
Apr 29, 2013
I am starting a new coop after several years of no chickens... And our new house backs up to woods with a bunch of owls. Will the owls try to go after my chickens? They will be bantam orpingtons. I have seen the owls go after other birds, and squirels during the day just before nightfall, so I am concerned they will see the chickens as an easy meal!
Yes owls will go after the chickens. Owls are generally out hunting at night, when the chickens are safe in the coop but I have seen them out during the day as well. I have a large owl living in the giant oak tree in my yard, but he hasn't bothered them, but I still keep an eye on him. If your coop is properly fenced, I don't see an owl putting in a huge effort to break in, but I would still keep an eye out during the morning/dusk, just in case.
Thank you, the coop is very good, just concearned during the day when they will free rang a bit.

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