Oxine question? not sick though.

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    I saw a gallon of Oxine for 27.99 at the Co-op and it had an envelope with some "activator" powder in it. I wanted to use oxine but am not familiar with this powder activator stuff. The guy at the co-op did not know much about it. Has anyone heard of this activator powder? Is it safe? It says OMRI on the container and is made by Bio-cide. It is used to disinfect for chicken diseases and cow diseases, pig, etc.. I am wondering if this is the stuff to get? Thannx [​IMG]

    ETA It is Oxine AH
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    Its a citris acid that activates it. I use it with out the powder but if you add the powder move all animals way away so they do not breath it in and you need a mask. Google oxine. Its great stuff if used right. Keep water clean, debug coops and mist birds but the powder when added is dangerous if you do not know what to do. good luck and its a good buy!

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