oyster shell for buttons?


12 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Hi, I've been feeding my button quail oyster shell, but man, the pieces seem too big to me for such a little bird. I tried hammering some of it down, which is a royal pain (that stuff is hard!) Is there a brand of oyster shells out there that is more finely milled?
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There is. But as far as I know, it comes in 50 pound bags! The oyster shell for automatic oyster shell dispensers is cut very small and some of it is even powder. I use it for my quail and chickens. If you also keep chickens, this 50 pound bag will come in handy. I get mine from the feed store, not TSC. But regular feeds stores should carry this. Make sure it is for the automatic dispensers before you purchase it.
you can buy it from www.drsfostersmith.com but it is in small bags for around $3. plus shipping unless you catch free shipping.
also someone said to try this guy www.zebrafinch.com/grit.html
bigger bags but don't know the cost.

I ran mine in a old blender and then shake out the big pieces. The buttons get the dust. works okay but makes a hell of a mess. I do it on the patio.

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