Oyster Shell?

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    Apr 12, 2010
    I am currently feeding purina flock raiser to my ducklings and chicks. They will be moving into the 1 year old chickens and duck pen that are eating
    layena. I plan to feed them all flockraiser when I combine them. I know the laying hens/duck will need calcium so i should give free choice oyster shells.
    My questions are..Can I get Oyster shell at Tractor supply, Will the chickens/duck know to eat it, and How should I give it to them(in a dish, etc.).
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    Oct 2, 2009
    You should be able to get oyster shell at any feed store, or wherever you get your chicken feed. They will know to eat it when they need it; I would offer it in a separate dish, but some mix it straight into the feeder.
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    That is a standard way of feeding a mixed flock. Just put the oyster shell in a separate feeder or dish. I hung a pint plastic yogurt cup on the run fence, cut a drain hole pretty low in it to handle rain water, and put oyster shell in that.

    Don't be surprised if your young ones take a bite of oyster shell, especailly when they first see it. They are just being curious. They should not eat enough to damage themselves.

    If you are feeding a mixed age flock, do not mix it with the feed. That defeats the purpose. Definitely offer it on the side.
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