Ozzy Aspin


8 Years
Feb 13, 2012
Memphis, TN
This is Ozzy Aspin. We hatched him and 9 others about 9 months ago. We put him and his hatch mates in one of our runs when they were about 3 months old. A raccoon got them at night. Pulled them through the wire fence. All except for Ozzy. Another incident happened when I again, put him and some other adolescents in the run. They were all eaten, once again, except for Ozzy. I don't know what that rooster did to be the only one to stay alive, but now I know he's safe. Ozzy Aspin is a whole 29 inches when he stands. He's a mix between our Blue Jersey Giant rooster and an Australorp hen. He is the largest, kindest rooster I've ever seen, but sadly, Ozzy is for sale now. We have too many roosters, and he is so large that he harms our little hens when he mounts. If you have a flock of Jersey Giants, please consider buying him. Such a sweet rooster.
We used to have a rooster that stood about that high. He was a black australorp. He was real mean. gotin many a fight with him trying to protect my little sister. We let him live for 3 to 4 years then butchered him. We still own some of his progeny. We named ours The Big Black Rooster. Sure wish we coulda kept him but he was just to mean.

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