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Discussion in 'Quail' started by QuailRaiser, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all, i've got 72 mixed colour eggs arriving from perry schoefeld/P&L gamebirds next week, I was wondering if anyone's hatched them out or if anyone would be interested in future updates as the hatch progresses
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    His eggs are pretty popular in Canada. He has stock left over from the University of BC (IIRC) coturnix projects that he has kept going for many years. His golden tuxedos are the best I've seen anywhere, seriously beautiful birds. We can't get eggs from him on our side of the line sadly.
  3. That's what I heard, hoping I get some ubc silvers in the batch, he's the only one in Canada with them
  4. I'm looking forward to progress reports. ;)
  5. they all arrived, going into the bator now
  6. How's the hatch going?
  7. Hey Sid, thanks for reminding me, almost forgot :) so far i've got 37 chicks, ( 6 silvers!!) with a couple stragglers still coming out. I'll post percetages and pics tomorrow!

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