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    The R.C.R.I.R. was NOT vaccinated for Mericks. Others supposedly were. ? They came from a small hobby farm. Chickens do drink out of dirty mud puddles where the horses are when they free range. So far my the older hens, different flock, (they came from the feed store), about 1 1/2 yr. old seem okay. It is only the 7mo. old ones form the hobby farm are dieing. ? ? ?
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    Chickens and turkeys that die of sudden death syndrome are most often found lying on their backs with their legs and necks extended, although, occasionally, they are positioned on their front side. Other than convulsions observed immediately before death, affected birds do not appear to be sick prior to dying. The affected birds are usually large, and are most often males.
    Sudden death syndrome is a cardiovascular disorder caused by a heart arrhythmia, meaning the birds die of a heart attack. Mortality can occur in birds as early as one week of age, and normally peaks around three weeks of age. A fast rate of growth is the major causative factor. The methods described earlier in this section to slow growth rate will help to reduce the number of birds dying from this condition.
    Found this information at this website: http://www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca/Poultry_Health_Disease

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