Paint Gene Extant in NON-SILKIE? Strange color Booted Bantams

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    Hey there everybody. I've had these girls on my hands for about 9 months now, making them 12-13 months of age. I got them "for fun" and only this year have I discovered how much I enjoy the breed and now begun to breed them. Four of my birds are a Gold Birchen/Black Copper pattern, one with some really unusual heterozygous mottling, but the other two I've been unable to figure out at all. However, a few days ago I was looking up Paint Silkies since my local breeder has tons available right now and I'm considering getting a few, and I realized they had a striking similarity of appearance to my little BB girls!

    They seem to show all the traits which Paint Silkies do; white body with flecking; large black irregular patches; some gold leakage in the hackle; splotchy pigment in the skin and feet.

    If they are paint, what should I breed them with to retain the Paint color/create a bird which can be back crossed to retain Paint? (I have no cock of this color and I was recently to the breeder's again and he does not eithet). Are there any charts for Paint breeding? And of course if they are not Paint, what are they?

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    Has Paint been determined to be dominant white? I haven't read the latest stuff on them but recall back then this thought was floated around. To be honest I'm mainly replying to this on the chance of finding out if the genetics has been figured out yet.

    If your birds are dominant white(any birds showing this in the flock?), the best outcrosses would be black birds.

    btw when picking out cornish x chicks as potential breeders last fall at the feed store, deliberately picked ones showing black. They only had the tiny black dots but be interesting if "paint" eventually shows up in later generations. Kind of hope so as the good paints with large solid black patches are very flashy n' cool...
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    I produced paints before paints were popular. All the black spotted paints I produced carried one copy of dominant white. I also produced red paints, black and red spotted paints and one female that was a very light gray color. They were all leghorn crosses or broiler crosses.I have provided a few pics of chicks and two adults.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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