Paint type Selection, Inside and out


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Apr 3, 2014
The end of the coop build is near, and I am looking at many types of paint. I have read many things about whether to paint the inside or not. The walls in my coop are going to be OSB shealthing. I would like to paint them, to give them some sort of protection. I am not looking for watertight on the interior, but on the exterior it is a must. I have heard a lot of people say no to painting the insides, because chickens will likely peck at them. I have also read that it is safe. Can I get an official non-biased response from someone with experience in the matter?

Also, I will be painting the outside of our coop. It will be red, and resemble a barn we have nearby. It will have white trim. Any suggestions on what type of paint? The siding is made of real wood panels, 1"x6". The paneling isn't green treated.

Latex? Oil based?

Advise is much appreciated!
I would use a stain on the outside rather than a paint I feel stain is a better at preserving wood. I doubt bother with the inside just put something on wood floors to preserve them

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