Painted Silkies... Who has them? I want one!


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10 Years
Apr 27, 2009
Beaumont, Texas
Ok ya'll. I just don't have enough chickens. I HAVE to find some painted Silkies! Either chicks in Texas or hatching eggs form somewhere else.

Anybody have any?
Paint seramas were imported recently--don't know who has them, though.

You can see photos of paint silkies on feathersite. They are white chickens with black feathers scattered throughout. All feathers are solid coloured. They have a somewhat similar appearance to splash, but paints are not based upon the blue gene, but rather upon dominant white, and the dark is not irregular splashing, but solid black feathers. The goal being worked on is to have half white, half black, but they are not there. It's at about 1/3 black, 2/3rd white at best. They are also breeding for large spots, not single or small groups of feathers.

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